Crystal Blends

We specialize in blending together sets of crystals that have a common purpose, so you can magnify your healing intent.

These bags of specially chosen crystals, provide a drug-free holistic approach to health. They are perfect for anyone who is keen on healing their body naturally, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.
Wonderful for anyone who loves things that are pretty and a little bit magic!

These lovely crystal sets are packaged in an organza bag with a booklet about the crystals, and also a crystal maintenance card, which details the rituals you can perform to connect with your crystals, so you can get the most from them.
You also receive a crystal cage with each crystal pack – so you can wear a crystal of your choice or attach it to your key chain.

All of our lovely crystals undergo a cleansing ritual when they arrive into our serene environment. We source them from a reputed gemstone wholesaler and are all genuine crystal.

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