Worry Stones


Worry Stones are easy to keep on hand, ready to grab whenever worry could strike. They’re wonderful when you’re feeling stressed, soothing to the touch, and an excellent addition to your self-care routine.

What is a worry stone?

A worry stone is a small oval shaped, smooth stone which has a thumb-shaped indentation. The object of worry stones is to rub your thumb back and forth over the indent to help calm the mind.

The history of worry stones.

Worry stones have been found all over the world, so the exact origin isn’t quite clear. But people everywhere—from Ancient Greece to Tibet to North America—have all found a sense of peace when taking a moment to touch their worry stone and let their worries go.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to keeping a worry stone on hand, but the main one would have to be stress relief.

For many people, worry stones are just an actual physical touchpoint when they’re dealing with stress and anxiety. If you’re the kind of person who struggles to meditate or do breathwork, having that physical touchstone can be really helpful.

You can also assign your worry stone a specific intention, so that whenever you see and touch your stone, you have a visual reminder of a specific intention you set, be it finding more gratitude in life or challenging negative thought patterns.

The whole idea is that the stone can help absorb your worries. And given that it is an element from the earth, and thanks to our acupressure points in the thumbs, worry stones can not only help you calm your worries but also make you feel a little happier in the moment, too.

When to use a worry stone:

1. When you’re feeling stressed.

This could be during so many scenarios; Big interview coming up? Going on a date? Stressing about the state of the world? The sky’s the limit with these stones. They are simply nice to have near you at any moment, so if you are going through a challenging time, or periods of anxiety, you have access to it.

2. While meditating.

Another way to work with a worry stone is by incorporating it into your meditation routine. Like a mala used in Hinduism, which involves saying a mantra for each bead on the necklace, you can recite an affirmation or mantra every time you rub your stone, or, for a less-involved approach, you can simply hold it in your palm as you meditate. It gives the mind something to do and can add to the relaxation benefits.

3. Before bed.

Stress and anxiousness have a knack for striking at the worst times—like when you’re trying to fall asleep. Let all the worries of the day go by grabbing your worry stone before bed, you could even have one in the bath with you if that feels nice.

4. On a walk.

So often we think of meditation as being passive, but it can be a walk in nature—more of an active thing. Meditation doesn’t come easy for all, but by turning an afternoon stroll into a moving meditation, with the added benefit of incorporating the worry stone, you’ll get all the benefits of fresh air and movement, plus channel some stress while you’re at it.

5. During a difficult conversation.

If you struggle to keep your cool during arguments, that’s another great opportunity to call on your worry stone. Reach for it when you feel tempers rising and give yourself a moment to gently rub the stone a few times and take a deep breath before you decide to speak.