Purposeful Jewellery


EarthSynergy was born with the concept of ‘Purposeful Jewellery’.

Each crystal has a unique signature of healing properties that can be utilized to help heal mind, body and spirit. Many crystals also cross over with what they are helpful for. We specialize in finding these crystal combinations and putting them together to increase their healing intent


These lovely 8mm crystal beaded bracelets are strung onto tigertail and finished with a toggle clasp.

We have a limited range of crystal bracelet combinations made up, however any of our specially prepared EarthSynergy crystal blends can beĀ  made into a bracelet. So please feel free to email Kirsty with any of your personal requirements, and they will be tailor made for you on request!


These are a more affordable version of the above bracelets (these are not able to be custom made).


The body has seven main Chakra points. These are the spiritual centers along the spine located at major branches of the human nervous system. Each of these is associated with a different color, function and organ or bodily system.

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy centers, as much a part of our bodies as our arms or legs.

Wearing a chakra bracelet may help bring balance & well-being in general.