For centuries, crystals have been revered, not only for their beauty, but also for their magical ability to bring healing and balance to mind, body and spirit.
Crystals were created as the earth formed and they have continued to develop as the planet itself changes.  Whatever form they take, their crystalline structure is said to absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy.
According to crystal folk-lore, each crystal has its very own unique set of healing properties.
With these properties in mind, EarthSynergy combines crystals with a common purpose to get great results.

Working holistically through vibration, crystals are said to realign subtle energies and dissolve physical imbalances, blocked feelings, suppressed emotions and negative thinking (‘dis-ease’) while helping to re-balance the energy field that surrounds the physical body.There is no denying the attraction that we feel towards these lovely gems, gifted to us from the earth, and more often than not, the crystals that we are most attracted to, are the ones that we need to heal ourselves.

Whether you are interested in a holistic approach to health with crystal healing, or you just love the look of them, having crystals in your space will only enhance your life, lift your vibration, and make things look SO PRETTY!