Every crystal has its very own unique set of healing properties, which can be used to treat the body holistically, and ensure all round wellbeing..

More often than not, the crystals that we are most attracted to are the ones that we need for our own healing.

To benefit from the healing properties of crystals you can hold them, place them in your environment or use them in Crystal Therapy to promote balance and healing.

There are two ways of going about your search for your perfect crystal set:

1. Take a look at the following crystals and when you find one that looks appealing to you, click on the image and you will see the list of properties that particular crystal holds

2. Type what you need help with in the search bar and see which beauties pop up

Each crystal purchased through EarthSynergy also comes with its healing information, plus an organza bag to keep them in.

So get busy and mix and match your own special set of crystals 🙂

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