Obsidian – Yoni Eggs Set


  • Small: 2.7cm long x 1.5cm – 14 grams
  • Medium: 3.7cm long x 2 cm – 29 grams
  • Large: 4.4cm long x 2.7cm – 50 grams

Please note that all weights and measurements are averages – no two yoni eggs are the same

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This set of Yoni eggs is made from Obsidian crystal. They are highly polished and very smooth to the touch.


  • Booklet about your yoni eggs
  • Obsidian’s healing property information
  • Crystal Maintenance card
  • A lovely pink velvet bag to keep them in

As a crystal, Obsidian is said to help dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas, bringing a depth and clarity to emotions. It promotes compassion and strength.


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