Memorial Pendants


There are fewer moments in life that will rock us to our very core, the way losing a loved one will.

When you lose someone that is important to you; a close friend, family member or pet, memories of shared special times, help support you through the mourning period that follows.

To have a keepsake that holds a strong reminder of that person or pet, can help you focus on the special moments you shared together, which is greatly comforting during this heart breaking time.

EarthSynergy’s Memorial jewellery provides you with a vessel where you can place a small remembrance, such as cremation ashes, a small piece of hair, or earth from a gravesite.  This enables you to keep your loved one close to you to draw comfort from, when you need it the most.

Nothing will ever replace the void of losing a loved one, but holding a small part of them close can help ease the sense of loss. Our happier memories can help carry us through the darkness. This small remembrance can be regarded as a small yet powerful token of happier moments shared with that special individual.