Opposing Bracelet Set


♥ Howlite with 1 Onyx bead
♥ Onyx with 1 Howlite bead

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These special bracelets are a matching but opposing set. Both bracelets have Onyx & Howlite in them, but one is mainly Onyx, while the other is mainly Howlite.

You could wear them both yourself, or wear one and give the other to someone special.

♥ Howlite is an extremely calming crystal. It teaches patience and is excellent for meditation and sleep. It also helps strengthen memory.
♥ Onyx is a strength giving stone, it provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during enormous mental or physical stress.

These bracelets measure approx 19cm on the inside edge & is strung onto elastic


  • A booklet about your crystals
  • Crystal Maintenance card
  • An organza bag



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