Nightmare Soothing Bracelet


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Children have a special affinity for crystals and they attune to them easily and readily draw comfort from them, making them a wonderful tool for nightmares, and bed time anxiety – especially if you weave a bit of magic into them!

I started utilizing these crystals when my son Max started having nightmares & they work a treat for him especially when he does the night-time routine (included in this pack).  These have also been tested on my friend’s children with great results – one of which had suffered from fear of going to bed for over a year and was constantly in her mother’s bed.  From the first night of using these crystals this child went to bed happily and has not had a problem since.

Bracelet length: 18cm including the clasp (but can be made to any length)
Materials: Crystal on tigertail beading thread with Zinc Alloy clasp



  • A booklet with the crystal healing information
  • Crystal Maintenance card
  • Ritual card with instructions PLUS a Dream time poem
  • An organza bag

These crystals have the potential to be beneficial to your health, but should only be used to complement healing, not as an alternative to Medical advice. Should you be suffering from an illness, please continue to follow your Doctor’s instructions. 


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