Massage Wand – Obsidian


  • Length:  11cm long
  • Width:   1.5cm graduating to 2cm
  • Weight:  60g

All weights and measurements are approximate

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This stunning Obsidian wand fits perfectly in the hand and is great for the following things

  • THEREPUTIC MASSAGE & REFLEXOLOGY – You can apply even pressure with it and it also has rounded ends which are perfect to use on pressure points.
  • REIKI – Channel your energy effectively with this crystal wand to encourage healing & restore wellbeing
  • YONI MASSAGE – Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Sacred space’.  It refers to a woman’s genitals and reproductive organs and also the energy, life, and power that comes from this space.

Obsidian is a protective stone, it repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. It facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change.. more info about Obsidian comes with your wand


  • Booklet about massage wands
  • Obsidian’s healing property information
  • Crystal Maintenance card; which allows you to connect with your crystals, so you can get great results
  • A velvet pouch



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