Massage Wand – Obsidian


  • Length: approx 11cm long
  • Width: approx 1.5cm graduating to 2cm
  • Weight: approx 60g

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This lovely massage wand is made from Obsidian crystal.
It is highly polished and very smooth to the touch.


  • Booklet about massage wands
  • Obsidian’s healing property information
  • Crystal Maintenance card
  • A velvet pouch to keep it in

This healing Obsidian wand fits nicely in the hand & is great for therapeutic massage, reflexology, reiki, ritual and as a crystal to hold. You can use this wand to channel energy in reflexology & massage while receiving the healing properties of Rose Quartz directly through the skin. This lovely smooth stone is cold at first touch but warms up to blood temperature quite quickly. You can apply even pressure with it & it also has rounded ends which can be used on pressure points.

Obsidian helps to reduce the pain of arthritis, joint problems,  cramps & injuries, and also benefits the circulation


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