Yoni Egg Set – Clear Quartz


  • Small:      2.7cm long x 1.5cm – 17 grams
  • Medium: 3.7cm long x 2 cm – 37 grams
  • Large:      4.4cm long x 2.7cm – 56 grams

Please note that all weights and measurements are approximate

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Our Clear Quartz Yoni egg set contains 1 x Large, 1x Medium and 1x Small.  Begin with using the large egg and work your way down to the smallest egg as your yoni muscle tone improves. All eggs are pre drilled, and come with a cord attached for easy removal.

Yoni Eggs are great tools for pelvic floor exercises, they help you connect with your body and may also improve your sexual experience. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Sacred space’. It refers to a woman’s genitals and reproductive organs and also encompasses the energy and potential for wisdom, life, and power that comes from this space.

Clear Quartz Yoni eggs are suitable for vaginal insertion, they are 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and they are non-toxic crystals.

They are suitable for vaginal weightlifting (but please only do this with professional advise).


PLEASE NOTE: Use yoni eggs internally at your own risk, and then please ensure you use best hygiene practices. Yoni eggs should not be used during your menstrual cycle or during pregnancy or if you are wearing an IUD. Please consult with your physician if you have any health concerns and are unsure if you should use a yoni egg


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