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  • The stone of courage.
  • Has a calming energy that reduces stress and quietens the mind
  • It harmonizes its surroundings and protects against pollutants
  • In ancient times it was believed to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favour from the spirits or light.
  • It has an affinity with sensitive people, and has the power to invoke tolerance of others.
  • It overcomes judgments – It gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages taking responsibility for oneself.
  • Creates a personality that is upright persistent and dynamic.
  • It can break old self-defeating programs. It calms the mind,  sharpens the intellect and clears up confusion.  It is useful for closure on all levels.
  • It clears blocked communication and promotes self-expression.
  • Soothes fears and increases sensitivity.
  • Spiritually it sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.
  • Fantastic for meditation, evoking high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness and encourages service to humanity.
  • Good for sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems.
  • Harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid, regulating hormones and growth.
  • This stone has a general tonic effect. It strengthens the body’s cleansing organs and aids the eyes, jaw, teeth and stomach.
  • Good for long or short sightedness and calms overreactions of the immune system and autoimmune diseases such as hay fever.
  • Both legend and modern spiritual interpretation agree that Aquamarine is the best overall stone for travel on water or over water.  It is even supposed to help with sea sickness, and assists in calming tensions and stresses caused by travel. Sailors carried it as a talisman against drowning.

CHAKRA:  Aquamarine shields the aura and aligns the chakras, clearing the throat chakra and bringing communication from a higher plane. It also aligns the physical and spiritual bodies.

POSITION: Hold or place as appropriate. Can be placed on the eyes or used as an elixir

IMPORTANT: These crystals have the potential to be beneficial to your health, but should only be used to complement healing, not as an alternative to Medical advice.  Should you be suffering from an illness, please continue to follow your Doctor’s instructions.

The crystal information above has been gathered from various crystal folk-lore books. While crystals have been utilized for centuries for their supposed healing properties, EarthSynergy cannot guarantee any specific results as there is no tangible proof that crystals are effective at healing said issues or ailments.


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