Chakra Bracelets


Ayurvedic medicine describes the body as having seven main Chakra points. These are spiritual centers along the spine located at major branches of the human nervous system. Each of these is associated with a different color, function and organ or bodily system.

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy centers, as much a part of our bodies as our arms or legs. When these are not working properly, problems may occur in your body.


  • 7th CROWN – clear/ white/dark purple
  • 6th BROW – light purple/dark blue/indigo
  • 5th THROAT – pale blue/turquoise blue
  • 4th HEART – green/pink
  • 3rd SOLAR PLEXUS – yellow/golden
  • 2nd SACRAL – orange
  • 1st BASE – red/black

Wearing a chakra bracelet may lift your vibration, clear blocked chakras and allow the energy to flow through your body freely, enabling balance & well-being in general.