These lovely massage wands are made from Obsidian or Rose Quartz crystal.
They are highly polished and very smooth to the touch.

These healing wands fit nicely in the hand & are great for therapeutic massage, reflexology, reiki, ritual and as a crystal to hold.
You can use this wand to channel energy in reflexology & massage while receiving the healing properties of the crystal directly through the skin. This lovely smooth stone is cold at first touch but warms up to blood temperature quite quickly. You can apply even pressure with it & it also has rounded ends which can be used on pressure points.

This type of crystal is also referred to as a Yoni Wand & can be used for sensual massage…

Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Sacred space’. It is a reference to a woman’s genitals & reproductive organs; Though Yoni is a word that also encompasses the energy & potential for wisdom, life, & power that comes from this space.

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